From still life to a product alive

Food and product photography is not more than a still life photography which with the right knowledge, light, lens, props and digital post production comes to life. If some inspiration strikes…. It becomes a masterpiece.

As I have always said, for me the picture begins in the brain, I set up everything in my mind and then I reproduce it in real life. That’s always easy if you have the freedom to do whatever you want, if not, you need to understand very well your clients’ needs. Empathy they call it…

In these examples, as you can see, for a still life image you don’t need too much room to set the lights, product and backdrops, any room or small space in your living room will work just fine. First place the product separating it enough from the background, then place the secondary lights, and finally place your camera in a tripod and adjust the frame. Use the auto focus once, then turn everything to manual and take several photos of the bottle with a wireless flash aiming to different parts of it, even on the back. Then go to photoshop and merge the layers (pictures you took) masking the dark areas and allowing only the ones where there is light.

I know, maybe you want to see all the process but believe in yourself, be courageous and try or check there’s a great deal of videos of this technique on YouTube.

Feel free to practice and enjoy shooting!

Nikon D750 50mm F/11 1/160
This image was composed by 5 different pictures, masked and merged in photoshop.
Nikon D7500, Macro 40mm, ISO 100 f/4.5 1/160

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